CCATO Proposed Resolutions to PSATS

Resolution Submission Form (PDF)

The following resolutions were adopted by CCATO at the November 5, 2015 Fall Conference and have been forwarded to SEATO and PSATS for consideration at the April 2016 Convention.

2015-01 -- RESOLVED
, That PSATS seek legislation to amend Act 93 of 1994 to require insurance companies to reimburse volunteer fire companies for any expenses incurred before the claim is paid to the named insured.  

Explanation of Need
-- (1) makes insurance policy collection “automatic” for municipalities and volunteer fire companies that opt to participate; (2) increases the number of claims collected and the net collection per claim; and, (3) shifts burden to reimburse from fire companies to insurance companies.


2015-02 -- RESOLVED
, That PSATS seek legislation to amend Section 509(d) of the Municipalities Planning Code to prohibit the use of bonds as a permitted form of financial security for the implementation of improvements that are required by an approved subdivision and/or land development plan.

Explanation of need
– The MPC allows a variety of options when adeveloper provides financial security for the improvements; however, they are not all equal in terms of the municipality being able to access them should the need arise. Bonds can be more difficult to access often resulting in the municipality receiving less than what is needed to complete the improvements. 

2015-03 -- RESOLVED That PSATS seek legislation to create a state program to fund capital improvement projects (such as roads, bridges, and sidewalks) that is similar to the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Authority (PENNVEST) for clean water projects. 

Explanation of need
Municipalities have many expensive infrastructure programs such as maintaining and replacing roads, bridges, sidewalks, etc. Having access to a means of funding from the State would be another option to consider when undertaking these improvements. 

The Resolution Committee e-mail is

The members include: 

  • Charles Fleischmann, Upper Oxford Township, Supervisor
  • Doug Hanley, Uwchlan Township, Manager
  • Michael Cotter, West Whiteland Township, Manager
  • Richard Hicks, CCATO Past President, East Marlborough Township
  • Rick Smith, East Goshen Township Manager -- Committee Chair
  • William Holmes, East Whiteland Township, Supervisor

As of 2014, Resolutions will be voted by the membership at the Fall Convention in November.  Submissions are due to Resolutions Committee by the third Monday in September.